Circle of Security

Tuesday, December 12, 2017
7:00 pm9:00 pm
St Monica's, 105 Wedgewood Dr. in the Willow Room

Are you an adoptive/kinship or step-parent who wants to strengthen your relationship with your child/teen? Are you interested in learning new ways to understand your child/teen’s needs and behavior? At times, have you been afraid that it is “too late?”
1. You will learn how to teach your child/teen how to manage their emotions.
2. You will learn that we all make mistakes: it is how we make the
“repair” that strengthens our relationships.
3. You will learn what is underneath the acting out behaviors.
4. You will learn that sometimes our needs interfere with our
child/teen’s needs and what to do when that happens.
5. You will learn that it is NEVER TOO LATE.

Cost is $240 per participants. St Monica's takes LOAs, private pay and accepts both men and women for this class.