Do you know a girl that is in foster care that would like to be a girl scout? Girl Scouts has partnered with the Department of Health and Human Services to offer free registration to girls in foster care. They also stated that they may pay for or have a reduced cost for uniforms (not every troop decided to get uniforms). This generous opportunity will also continue for future years even when they return home. Please contact our office for the necessary forms.

News Link Makes Donation to NFAPA!

Thank you to News Link for their generous donation.  In total News Link employees donated 440 diapers, 279 pairs of socks, 113 pairs of underwear, 27 sets of pajama and many other items.  All of these will go to children in foster care that often come into care with nothing.


The Foster Care Review Office (FCRO) is looking for interested persons that would like to be a local board member in Lincoln or Omaha.  Board members review the cases of children placed in out-of-home foster care and are required to attend their board meeting once per month.  People who can serve on a day board are especially needed, however those who can serve on a board that meets in the evening are also needed.   Please contact Mary Furnas at or call 402-471-4665 for more information.

BlueCloud Donates Duffle Bags to Foster Children

When foster children enter care and move between placements they often use trash bags to carry their belongings.  Recently, BlueCloud - an Omaha based cleaning company, donated 16 duffle bags to ensure foster children can transport their belongings. These duffle bags each contain a blanket, teddy bear, hygiene kit, coloring book and crayons. Check out this video to see other ways BlueCloud is helping foster children -



Does your foster child want to be like normal kids?  Does he/she like to participate in sports, or needs money for drivers education?  Does your kiddo like to attend summer camps, take swimming lessons but you, as a foster parent, have limited funds?

If this is you, please visit our website:

You will find more information on Nebraska Friends of Foster Children.  By filling out the application on our website you can apply for a grant to help fund your foster child’s activities.  You can submit it online or mail the application.

The mission of NFFC is to provide for unmet needs and enhance opportunities for foster children in Nebraska. NFFC is a non-profit organization, was founded in 1992, to improve the lives of foster children by accepting and funding requests for items and experiences normally out of reach for foster parents with limited budgets.

As can be imagined, the cost of “extras” such as band uniforms, football shoes, summer camp and music lessons exceed the monthly stipend.  While foster families are traditionally giving in nature, they still may not have the resources available to them to offer their foster child any of the additional “extras” that enhance their quality of life, build character and offer life-changing experiences.

Requests that can be funded:
Drivers Education
Sport Equipment
Sports Activity Fees
Dance/Music Lessons
Senior Pictures
Graduation expenses
Eye Glasses
Prom attire
Summer Camps

This is not a complete list but NFFC will fund the ”extras” to enhance your foster child’s life within our guidelines.

The form is simple and can be filled out by the foster parent.  It DOES NOT NEED YOUR CASE WORKER OR FOSTER CARE SPEICIALIST signature.  Receipts do need to be included or we can write a check to the organization that you are requiring assistance from without a receipt.   The application can be mailed or sent online.  The application will be processed in 4-6 weeks.

Please visit our website to apply for a grant or email us with additional questions.



Once again the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has issued DHHS a permit to take wards of the state fishing on a group basis for therapeutic purposes.  The permit is for wards 16 and over.  The person who is accompanying the ward must have their own permit (which we do not provide) if they are actively fishing.  The permit is not for wards to go fishing by themselves.  If the wards are under 16 they do not need a fishing permit.  Click here for a copy of the permit.