The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has been working with the County Court Judges, County Attorney GAL's, CASA, FCRB, Parents Attorneys, and others as part of, "Through the Eyes of a Child" Initiative meetings with the courts.

In Lancaster County children will be expected to attend dispositional and review hearings. All ages, as appropriate. It is presumed the child/youth will be at their court hearing unless it is determined by the DHHS worker in consultation with the GAL that the child should not attend. Foster parents will be asked to transport youth to the hearings. In cases where that is not possible, DHHS staff will be responsible for transporting.

The issue of getting kids to court is one that other judges are also starting to look at as part of the change and improvement. It is hopeful that other courts around the state may sometime in the future also want to have children at court if the children are not already attending.The fact that children will be required to attend court hearings should facilitate Resource Parents receiving notice of court hearings and hopefully, the opportunity to be heard in court.

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