NFAPA Newsletter July/August 2018

Just for Foster Dads, NFAPA Staff/Board of Directors, Attention Foster Parents, 5 Ways to Stop Taking Attachment Disorder Personally, An Open Letter to Friends/Family of Those Raising Kids with Reactive Attachment Disorder, No Longer Fostering?, Waiting for a Forever Home, Save the Date, Membership Drive, Foster Parent In-Service Training, Spaulding:  Making th Commitment to Adoption, We Have to Stop Losing Half of Foster Parents in the First Year, My Parenting May Seem Strict, But I  Have a Few Good Reasons For It, NFAPA Support Groups, Why Some Kids are Resillient And Others Aren't, Upcoming Training, Join NFAPA

NFAPA Newsletter May/June 2018

Counting The Costs of Fostering or Adopting, NFAPA Staff/Board of Directors, 3 Reasons Traditional Parenting Doesn't Work With Kids From Trauma, Challenges of Kinship Care:  Talking About Bio Parents, Why This Mom Uses the Word "Rage" and Not "Tantrum", No Longer Fostering?  We Would Love to Hear From You, NFAPA Support Groups, Waiting for a Forever HOME!, Holt Adoptee Camp, Membership Drive, National Foster Care Month, How to Help Someone Who Has a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Civil Liability or Foster Care Misrepresentation Approved, When a Mom Struggles to Love Her Child and Other Secrets From Parents of Children with Reactive Attachment Disorder, To the Foster or Hopeful Adoptive Parent Considering a Trans-racial Placement-Guest, Upcoming Training, JOIN NFAPA

NFAPA Newsletter March/April 2018

5 Things Adoptive Parents Want Teachers To Know About Trauma, NFAPA Staff/Board of Directors, Attention Foster Parents, How Parents of Kids with Reactive Attachment Disorder Get Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, 7 Phrases Not to Sa to a Foster Parent-And Why, How Children in Foster Care Fall Victim to Child Sex Trafficking, NFAPA Support Groups, Waiting for a Forever HOME!, Making the Commitment to Adoption, Camp Catch-up, Royal Family Kids Camp, NFAPA Scholarship, Is Your Child Prepared for Their First Cell Phone?, Girl Scouts-Spirit of NE, The Team Needs You!, 6 Ways to Deal with Rejection From Wounded Children, Human Trafficking Training, 10 Powerful Truths About FASD That Will Change Your Perspective, You Are Invited, Upcoming Training, Join NFAPA.


NFAPA Newsletter January/February 2018

10 New Year Resolutions for Foster Care, NFAPA Staff/Board of Directors, Attention Foster Parents, Being a Foster Child Taught Me Love, What are the Steps to Family Reunification Plan within Foster Care, 5 Reasons the Most Common Response to Foster Parents is the Most Painful, Understanding Reactive Attachment Disorder, NFAPA Support Groups, Waiting for a Forever Home, Membership Drive, NFAPA Board Position Openings, Gone, IF you Give a Foster Family a Chicken Dinner, Tell your Foster Child you Love Them, Five Myths and Foster Care Adoption, Hard Things, No Longer Fostering, Upcoming Training, Join NFAPA


NFAPA Newsletter November/December 2017

Holidays with an Adopted Child, NFAPA Staff/Board of Directors, Attention Foster Parents, A Letter to me Daughters on the Day of your Adoption, 3 Reasons not to Vilify my Kid's Birth Mother, 4 Things Every Child in Foster Care Needs this Christmas, How Developmental Trauma Affect the Whole Family (Also Known as Reactive Attachment Disorder), NFAPA Support Groups, Waiting for a Forever Home, NFAPA Board Openings, 43 Ways Everyone Can Celebrate National Adoption Month, Adopted Child Syndrome-Causes, Effects and Ways to Prevent It, No Longer Fostering, New NFAPA Board Members, Upcoming In-service Training, Join NFAPA

NFAPA Newsletter September/October 2017

Are You the Reason Children in Foster Care Are Failing School, NFAPA Staff/Board of Directors, Attention Foster Parents, How to Respond to Your Child's Negative Self Talk, How to Prepare Your Child for School Bullies, Making Halloween Happier, Halloween for Foster Children, Foster Care Tip of the Month, Waiting for a Forever Home, I'm Not a Precious Mama, Residential Treatment, How Do You Process Your Child's Trauma, Upcoming In-service Training, Super Science Kids, NFAPA Board Openings, Allowing Kids to Embrace Big Emotions, No Longer Fostering, NFAPA Support Groups, Join NFAPA

NFAPA Newsletter July/August 2017

20 Parenting Tools that Connect & Correct, Indian Child Welfare Act, Take Me Out to the Ballgame, The Start of Hurricane Season, Membership Drive, Kits for Kids, Caregiver Information, Letter of Encouragement, NFAPA Staff/Board of Directors,Waiting for a Forever Home, Upcoming In-service Training, NFAPA Board Openings,No Longer Fostering, NFAPA Support Groups, Join NFAPA

NFAPA Newsletter May/June 2017

Caring For Yourself As You Care For Children in Foster Care, NFAPA Staff/Board of Directors, Attention Foster Parents, NFAPA Support Groups, A Letter from the Director, Reactive Attachment Disorder in Teens, 5 Reasons Your Teen Isn't Like "All Other Teenagers", Helping Young People with Disabilities Successfully Transition to Adulthood, Give to Lincoln Day, When You Realize You Can't Fix RAD, No Longer Fostering?, Waiting for a FOREVER Home!, Proclamation Signing, Foster Care and Mother's Day, Making a Commitment to Adoption, Her name was Jesus Christ, Children, A Poem, 8 Things All Kids in Foster Care Want People to Know, The Kinship Connection, Join NFAPA

NFAPA Newsletter March/April 2017

20 Ways to Stand Up to Bullying, NFAPA Staff/Board of Directors, Attention Foster Parents, Raising Responsible Digital Citizens, Legislative Update, NFAPA Support Groups, NFAPA Scholarship, Foster Parent Recognition, Growing Up in Foster Care, No Longer Fostering: Exit Survey, Waiting for a Forever Home, Girl Scouts of Nebraska, Nurtured Heart Approach, Court Appearances & the Importance of Documentation, Helping Your Child Reduce Self-Harming Behavior, Parenting a Child Who Has Experienced Abuse & Neglect, Parenting a Child Who Has Been Sexually Abused, Establishing Family Guidelines for Safety & Privacy, Sex Trafficking, Join NFAPA

NFAPA Newsletter January/February 2017

Five Myths About Foster Care Adoption, NFAPA Staff/Board of Directors, Attention Foster Parents, Save the Date for Foster Parent Recognition, 10 Things Your Child's Therapist Wish You Knew, 49 Phrases to Calm an Anxious Child, NFAPA Scholarship, Wating for a FOREVER Home, Former Foster Youth Donates, Do You Need Help Finding a State Employee Phone Number, Parenting Trauma, When Their Attachment Issues Trigger Your Own, When the Very Foundation of Being Human is Altered, Team Work in Foster Care, Making the Commitment to Adoption, NFAPA Support Groups, Join NFAPA

NFAPA Newsletter November/December 2016

A Time of Joy, A Time of Grief, NFAPA Staff/Board of Directors, Attention Foster Parents, National Adoption Month, What an Adoptee Wants You to Know About Adoption, Why Adoptive Families Don't Get Casseroles, NFAPA Membership Drive, Giving Tuesday, Waiting For A Forever Home, Hiser Family Adoption, King Family Adoption, Tuesday Night Online Support Group, Managing Holiday Stress, 8 Things to Consider When Approaching Difficult Adoption Topics, Avoiding the Holiday Hassle, NFAPA Board Openings, The Lifelong Affects of Trauma, NFAPA Support Groups, Join NFAPA

NFAPA Newsletter September/October 2016

Three Tips for New Foster Parents, NFAPA Staff/Board, Mandatory RPPS Training, NFAPA Support Groups, No Longer Fostering?, The Classroom, NFAPA Board Openings, What is ICWA?, Calls Home from School, Waiting for a Forever Home, Kit Coyote: A Brave Pup, Fun in Columbus, How to Deal with Schoool Issues for Kids with RAD, Tuesday Night Chat Support Group, Avoiding Holiday Hassles, Abusive Head Trauma, Adverse Childhood Experiences, The Secret Language of Emojis, Join NFAPA

NFAPA Newsletter July/August 2016

If Foster Care is Hard, NFAPA Staff/Board, Columbus Picnic, FACES Online Support Group, Take Me Out to the Ballgame, Mandatory RPPS, 2016 Proclamation, NFAPA Support Groups, Foster Children and Online Technology, Caregiver Information Form, Parenting Forgetful Behavior, Waiting for a Forever Home, Climb the Canyons of Trauma, You Are Not Ready to Be a Foster Parent If, Preparing Your Child for the New School Year, North Platte Conference, Join NFAPA

NFAPA Newsletter May/June 2016

Bickering in the Backseat, May is National Foster Care Month, Why Kids Blame & Lash Out, Come Chat with Us, NFAPA Support Groups, Helping Your Foster Child During a Time of Questions, Trauma and Heartbreak, Etched in Sand, Four Words that Change the World, Waiting for A Forever Home, What Foster Care Means or Meant to Me?, How to Survive a Family Vacation, BluCloud Donates Duffle Bags to Foster Children, A Foster Care Journey, Fishing Permit, A Letter of Encouragement to Foster Mamas, The Balance Beam: Caring for Yourself while caring for Your Kids, 4 Reasons Parnting Trauma is Incredibly Difficult

NFAPA Newsletter March/April 2016

Should you Make Your Child Apologize, Nebraska FACES Tuesday Night Chat, Money for Foster Parents From Nebraska Friends of Foster Children, 90 Bucket List Ideas to keep your kids busy during Spring Break and Summer, Co-Parenting Across Cultures, NFAPA Scholarship, Caring for the Hair of Your African American Child, Coordinating, Culture and Care, Waiting for a forever Home!, National Foster Care Month Coming in May, 20 Ideas for Keeping Connections to Racial and Cultural Identity, Honoring Your Child's Racial and Cultural Identity, NFAPA Support Groups, Spaulding, Scottsbluff One Day Conference

NFAPA Newsletter January/February 2016

Dealing with Reunification Anxiety, Why is Reunification the Primary Permanency Goal?,  Nebraska Faces Tuesday Night Chat, Understanding Power Struggles, Steps in Dealing with Child's Defiance, NFAPA Scholarship, Money for Foster Parents from Nebraska Friends of Foster Children, NFAPA Support Groups, 5 Ways Foster Youth will Benefit from the Every Student Succeeds Act, Waiting for a forever Home, Dear Foster Parent, Siblings are our First Friends: Camp Catch Up, Aha! Parenting Blog, How can Foster Parents and Birth Parents Succcessfully Co-Parent?, Spaulding


NFAPA Newsletter November/December 2015

The Joys and Challenges of Parenting Older Adopted Children, NFAPA Newsletter Survey Winners, National Adoption Month, Our Foster to Adoption Journey, Self Care for Foster Famlies During the Holidays, Exit Exam, Parenting Across the Color Lines- Pot Luck Dinner, Overcoming Parent Burnout, Waiting for a forever Home, A Letter from the Executive Director, Fall Fun, Celebrating Holidays with Children you Foster, Adoption from Foster Care- A Growing Family, A Letter to the Foster Care Youth, Right Turn, Encouraging and Supporting Tweens and Teens in Care, NFAPA Support Groups


NFAPA Newsletter September/October 2015

Bonding Assessment, A Fun Way To Teach Children to Control Emotions, NFAPA Upcoming In-Service Trainings, The Adopted Child from Inside Out, Preventing Sex Trafficing and the Strengthening Families Act, We are Failing our Children, Waiting for a Forever Home, Tammy's Foster/Adoptive Parent Tidbits, Right Turn Class in Lincoln, Getting Behavior in Shape at Home, 5 Reasons I'm Not Quitting as a Foster Parent and Neither Should You, How Well do you Know Your Child, 504 Accomodating Checklist, New NFAPA Members.


NFAPA Newsletter July-August 2015

Attention Seeking Behavior, Insight from an Adult Foster Care Survivor, NFAPA support Groups, NFAPA staff opening, My Child has Bi-polar disorder, Chores, A letter from the executive director, Waiting Children, Attachement Issues and Reactive Attachment Disorder part 4, Helping Children Recover from Grief, Beyond Sexual Abuse: Families Can Promote Healing, Scholarship Winners, NFAPA Upcoming One Day Conferences.

NFAPA Newsletter May-June 2015

This newsletter features articles about the Autism spectrum, the importance of documentation, attachment issues and reactive attachment disorder, a letter from the new executive director, how to make bath time fun time, the 2015 proclamation, information on national foster care month, how to help build self-esteem, information on very young trauma survivors, helping children with dyslexia, and opositional defiant disorder.

NFAPA Newsletter March-April 2015
This newsletter features articles about  Reactive Attachment Disorder (part 2), The Value of foster & Adoptive Parent Support Groups, The Importance of House Rules and Safety Measures for Foster Children, Posting Photos on Social Media, Kinship Care, Foster Parenting Manual Tips, North Platte In-Service info, Lying, Is Time-Out the Best Method to Discipline Your Child, Food for Thought, How to Help your Foster Child in School, Support Group Info, Scholarships, and Parental Visits. 

NFAPA Newsletter January-February 2015
This newsletter features articles about Autism/Aspergers, Child removals, Foster Parenting Manual Tips, Foster Parent Responsibilities, Code of Ethics for Foster Parents, 20 Quick Tips to Better Advocate, Learning to Listen, Attachment Issues and Reactive Attachment Disorder (part 1), Scholarships, Nurturing, Bonding and Letting Go, Support Group information and Waiting Children.  There was a movie clip referenced in the Autism Article in this newsletter.  Here is a link to it:

NFAPA Newsletter October-November 2014
This newsletter features articles about "Four Attachment Types to Know Before Becoming a Parent", "How can state law support school continuity and success for students in foster care", "Separation Anxiety", "Education & Training Voucher Program", "Laughter & Kids", "Preparation, Transition & Independent Living Services", "Job Corps Opportunity", "If Not Me Then...Who?", "Foster Parenting Manual TIps for Television Viewing", "Reactive Attachment Disorders" and "6 Struggles Every Foster Parent Faces".

NFAPA Newsletter August-September 2014
This newsletter features articles about "Online Activities", "Teach your child not to interrupt", "10 Things Foster Parents Wish Their Case Managers Knew", "Tips for Parents", "10 Signs a Youngster Needs Counseling", "Medicaid to 26", "It's a Whole New World", "AdoptUSKids" and "Litmus Test for ODD vs CD".