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Support Groups

As parents of foster and adopted children, there are challenges that parents have already encountered or may encounter in the future. NFAPA encourages that families build support systems and a plan before families need them to deal with crisis. Support groups are a vital component to the safety net and NFAPA hosts parent groups statewide.

Check out our calendar to find a support group near you!

NFAPA Support Groups

Have you ever thought about attending a support group?  NFAPA offers support groups to foster, adoptive and kinship families!  This is your chance to gain understanding and parenting tips through trainings, discussions, and networking with fellow foster families.  This is a great way to meet other foster/adoptive families in your area!  In-service training is offered at most support groups for those needing credit hours for relicensing.  Up to date information with each support group location will be on our calendar page. Support Groups will be cancelled for inclement weather.  Contact your Resource Family Consultants for more information. 

Jolie Camden (Panhandle Area):  308-672-3658

Tammy Welker:  402-989-2197

Terry Robinson:  402-460-7296

Robbi Blume:  402-853-1091

Lana Tiede:  402-853-1090

NFAPA has Support Groups at the following dates/times/locations:

Registration is required for most  in-person support groups due to distance RFC travels.  However, due to COVID, most support groups are conducted virtually.  Please contact and RFC in your area for more information.  

Panhandle Support Group:  Second Tuesday of the month.  6:30pm MT 

Please RSVP to Jolie:  308-672-3658


Northern Area Support Group:  Second Tuesday of the month.  7:00 pm CT

RSVP to Tammy:  402-989-2197


FACES Support Group:  Online

9:00 - 10:00 p.m. (Central Time)  Contact

Every Tuesday.  We will need the full name you use on Facebook 


Parenting Across Color Lines (PACL)
Parenting Across Color Lines meets in Lincoln on the 4th Monday of the month at ConnectioN Point, 1333 N 33rd Street, Lincoln.

Contact Felicia for information and to RSVP or the NFAPA Office at 402-476-2273 
Click HERE for a brochure.