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Caregiver Information Form

You may submit written information to the court, and you can be heard at review and permanency hearings. You are encouraged to provide information based only on first-hand knowledge. You must submit the form to the Clerk of the Court two weeks in advance of the hearing. You have the right to be present at the hearing and you are encouraged to attend.

To obtain a Caregiver Information Form visit:


Youth Court Form

Updated in 2014 with the input of judges and youth councils, this older-youth questionnaire was designed as a way for young people to inform the judge of what is going on in their lives and to make requests about the case.  Completing the form is voluntary, and all parties to the case have the opportunity to review the form.  

To obtain a Youth Court Form visit:


Young Child Court Form

Children in the child welfare system typically want to talk to their judge and let him or her know what is going on in their life. Attending court hearings is a great way for the child to be involved and express his or her opinions. If that is not possible, the Young Child Court Form is a great alternative. The Young Child Court Form is intended for children around the developmental ages of 6 to 10. We encourage that a trusted person known to the child assist him or her in filling out the form.

To obtain a Young Child Court Form visit: