Online Training for Resource Parents

Please note:
Online training is not available for those wanting to be a foster parent.  This is a specific training you have to take in person in Nebraska.  Please contact us at 877-257-0176 to get started.  Also, please check with your agency to see how many training hours are needed each year for renewal (minimum 12 hours per person).  You will also need to see how many hours your agency requires you to attend in a classroom setting and how many hours can be counted for non-classroom settings (webinars, books etc.).  Each training hour must be approved by the licensing agent and must be directly related to the skills necessary to care for children in out-of-home care. 


Foster Parent College provides dynamic, interactive, multimedia training courses for foster and adoptive parents.


Course Content

Dr. Rick Delaney, well-known psychologist and foster parenting expert, talks with parents about the challenges they face. As you watch the stories unfold, you'll:

  • Develop an understanding of the problem
  • Recognize early warning signs
  • Gain insights
  • Discover possible steps to take in solving these problems
  • Following each course, a question and answer section provides an opportunity to earn foster parent training credit


Each course is approximately 30-45 minutes long, not including the question and answer section. Because of the interactive format, you can go at your own pace, and review chapters if you'd like.



Online training is about $5 per credit.  Most courses are 2-4 credits. Purchase must be made using Visa or Mastercard. Only that person who has registered for the course is able to receive credit for the training.


Course Access

Course enrollment entitles you to 30 days of access to the training, starting from the date on which the course is first viewed. After completion of a course, you can go back and review it as often as you'd like within that 30 day period. A personal account page allows you to keep track of your progress in each course you have purchased. You can purchase additional titles at any time. To begin your online training experience click on the link below: