The Kinship Connection - A Training for Kinship & Relative Caregivers in Nebraska

Relatives and friends are the most natural resources there are to help and support bio-parents and children in need of out-of-home care. Therefore, DHHS is required by law to find and contact relatives and other people with close connections to the family when a child enters state custody. NFAPA has developed a training specifically for kinship & relative caregivers.

The Kinship Connection will provide Relative & Kinship families with training on the following topics:

  •  Permanency Options for Children and Youth
  •  The Legal Process
  •  Public Education
  •  Child Care
  •  Health Care
  •  Development
  •  Redefined Roles
  •  Safety
  •  Public Benefits

Please visit our calendar to see when The Kinship Connection is offered in your area. 

Central/Western Kinship Brochure March-September 2018

Lincoln/Omaha Kinship Brochure March-September 2018

You can register for Kinship Classes HERE

Spaulding: Making the Commitment to Adoption

Spaulding: Making the Commitment to Adoption

The Spaulding program is offered to prospective adoptive families and you will earn 12 CEU’s by completing the training.  Spaulding training offers families the tools and information that they need to:

  • Explain how adoptive families are different
  • Importance of separation, loss, and grief in adoption
  • Understand attachment and its importance in adoption
  • Anticipate challenges and be able to identify strategies for managing challenges as an adoptive family
  • Explore the lifelong commitment to a child that adoption bring

Our next Spaulding class will be in Lincoln on:

  • April 27, 2018:  6:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
    Exploring Expectations—Defining adoption, the process, and the key players.  Participant’s hopes and fears about the adoption process are recognized and empowerment strategies are identified to assist them in the process.  Participant’s explore their fantasies about children they might adopt to become aware of the possible influence on their decision about adoption.
  • April 28, 2018:  8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.  (one hour break for lunch)

    Meeting the Needs of Waiting Children—Assist prospective adoptive parents in focusing on the needs of children awaiting adoption.  Explore the issues of separation, loss, grief and attachment. Plus the unique issues related to parenting a child who has been sexually abused.

    Exploring Adoption Issues—Identify supports within their family and introduce them to common issues that all adoptive families face.  Help develop strategies for dealing with these issues; explore crisis periods in adoption; explore their own strengths, needs and challenges as they consider adoption.

    Making the Commitment—Assist prospective adoptive parents in considering resources they may need, what they need to know, what they need to do, and what they need to explore about themselves as they consider adopting a particular child or children.

Register online at:        

Foster Care EDU

Free, online training to facilitate foster care education conducted by trained professionals from the field. There are webinars hosted on a regular basis and on a variety of topics.

NACAC's Webinars on Key Adoption and Foster Care Issues

NACAC has upcoming webinars taught by experienced individuals who are adoption professionals and adoptive parents. We encourage you to share information about the sessions with parents and professionals who might be interested in this great educational opportunity.  Previously aired and recorded webinars are also available by going to:

Fees for each webinar are $15 for NACAC members and $20 for non-members. Even if you cannot attend the session in person, you can still register and receive a recorded version of the session after it's over. Certificates of attendance will be available for those who need proof of training hours.

Foster Care Institute

Foster Parent Training you can receive in the comfort of your own home.  Dr. John DeGarmo, leading foster care expert, shares some of his own experience, as well as tips and strategies, designed to help you become a stronger foster parent.  Each webinar is worth one hour credit, and Dr. John will send you a certificate for a fee.

When Adoption Can't be Forever

Understanding, Supporting, and Avoiding Adoption Dissolution

Mark your calendars.   More information to COME!

Date:      Friday-May 4, 2018

Time:         8:30am to 4:00pm

Address:    Nebraska Children’s Home

                 4939 South 118th Street

                 Omaha, NE  68137

6.5 CEU’S

Cyndi Peck, Director of Domestic Adoption, Compassionate Hearts-Montana Office and Director Second Chance Program

Cyndi has twenty years of experience in adoption and has worked with many families who are navigating an adoption dissolution.

Early Registration: $40 – Open until April 20th   After April 20th – $45
**Please make sure to indicate if you prefer a vegetarian lunch.**