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The Mission of the Nebraska Foster and Adoptive Parent Association is to empower, support, and advocate for Nebraska families by promoting safety, permanency, and well-being of our children.

Resource family throughout this website refers to foster and adoptive families, relatives or caregivers who share parenting with the birth family while seeking to find permanence, safety, and stability for the child. These individuals are willing to provide a permanent connection for the child whether or not the child reunifies with their birth family. They play an active role in linking the child to their past as well as guiding their future.

Our Values...

  • All children and families shall be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Resource families provide safe, nurturing environments for children.
  • We will promote respectful relationships among all families and human service agencies.
  • We will encourage decision-making that focuses on the best interest of children and families.
  • All parents need and deserve support in parenting children.
  • We appreciate the unique cultural and ethnic differences of families.
  • We will help provide and encourage training and education to families.
  • Parents are the best advocates for children.